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Review: Ninth City Burning

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Ninth City BurningNinth City Burning by J. Patrick Black
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

After the unpleasant shock of this being a young adult SF, the shocks just continued. Every new PoV had a new voice and every next one seemed more nasal, American and adolescent. The droning went on for hours and hours and hours and I kept listening because my next credit on the Audible-subscription is not for weeks. Gods this was rubbish. It helped me sleep though.

The story: 500 years ago Earth was attacked by aliens. Only nine cities are left on the planet. Young people are recruited to fight the aliens. A major development brings the war closer to home. Heroes rise. Oh and there’s magic. But it’s not magic, it’s called thelemity and some have it and some don’t. But the war effort needs it to power machines. I think. I lost the plot and I didn’t care.

This book was just awful. The language is inconsistent – quite ordinary words are explained, yet other more difficult ones are used so casually. Images from the 21st century are used to explain things that shouldn’t need explaining. In doing so, confusing subplots are added. I think. Most of the adolescent characters (where are the grown-ups anyway?) are interchangeable. And, as another reviewer pointed out, after the first few chapters the info-dumps just keep coming.

Whomever dared to write Ninth City Burning was reminiscent of Ender’s Game should be banished to a library with nothing but tech manuals.

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