Birthday weather

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When I was little, I would ask my mum: “When’s my birthday?” And she’d reply: “When all the leaves have fallen off the trees.” That used to be pretty accurate, … Lees meer

Women’s lib (ha!)

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The SGP is a religious politcal party in the Netherlands. They believe the Bible literally and they have found a passage that says that women should shut up in church … Lees meer

Serenity Premiere

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It was magnificent. Organisation was shite, press relations rude, Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau very friendly, movie stunning. My head spun, but that may also have had something to do … Lees meer

Sic Gloria Transit Mundi

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You struggle to get your words in the right order and in the right quantity. You’re trying to be witty and knowledgeable at the same time, whilst leaving (more than) … Lees meer


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What a load of rubbish. I couldn’t take anymore after an hour. I couldn’t care less about him, his obsessive mother, his nervous boyfriend, his one-eyed father or his entire … Lees meer