Thinblade (Sovereign of the Seven Isles, #1)

Review: Thinblade, David A. Wells

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Thinblade (Sovereign of the Seven Isles, #1)Thinblade by David A. Wells My rating: 1 of 5 stars Seriously considering asking Audible for my money back, which in the last three years I’ve only done once with “Shards of Love” or whatever it was called. The Sharing Knife. That was a McMaster Bujold FAIL, which was heartbreaking because most of her stuff is brilliant. This guy though – David Wells – I might just blame myself for not reading the GoodReads reviews better and just judging the 4 star average (What happened?!) I am glad for him he has so many fans, because personally, I couln’t bear Thinblade. I don’t really mind predictable fantasy, but I do mind sloppy writing, especially in predictable fantasy. Was this self-published? “Alexander felt as if a mark had been burnt into his skin. You have a mark on your skin, his father said. He felt the mark on his skin.” Really?? Or: “This was necromancy. Magic of the dead. Magic of the netherworld. Evil magic.” YES, yes, yes, we are fantasy readers, we know what necromancy is! Then there’s the figure-following flowing hemlines of the chestnut brunette, the gold flecked eyes of the noble hero, the metallic screeching of the evil zombie demon – everything’s described at length and explained to death. And when another audiobook reviewer said that after 8,5 hours of listening some bard gives a recap of Alexanders adventures, so you can skip the first 8,5 hours – and I could find the bard, but only silly descriptions of the love interest and the dinner on the table – I gave up. Good luck Alexander. I’m sure you’ll win. Gloriously and eventually. View all my reviews